Fruit & Nut Trees

Creekside Tree Farm is a small tree farm located in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York. Our goal is to grow quality and healthy container-grown trees using fabric pots. While allowing for an air-pruned fibrous root system, these fabric pots eliminate deadly root circling that happens with standard plastic pots.  Container-grown trees also help reduce the transplant shock that comes with bare root trees. By using local seed sources, quality potting soil, fabric pots and proper watering through drip irrigation, we are doing everything possible to develop and grow healthy trees.

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  • Wild Pear Tree with Pears in Autumn
  • Cedar Waxwing in Crab Apple Tree
  • Hazelnut Filberts
  • Mulberries on a Tree
  • Chestnut Trees in Autumn
  • Persimmon Tree with Fruit
  • Crab Apple Trees in Blossom
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We specialize in fruit and nut trees for attracting and increasing wildlife on your property.
Muddy Bull Box Blind in Field

Muddy Box Blinds

We recently added the Muddy Box Blind product line for the hunter that is looking for a more comfortable hunting experience. These blinds are well-built, insulated and utilize real glass windows where most blinds use plexi-glass windows. Muddy Box Blinds are able to sit on the ground or on top of a 5′ or 10′ tower stand.

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